De onnoemelijke verleidelijkheid van de bezwijkende deugd

by Grey Aura



‘De onnoemelijke verleidelijkheid van de bezwijkende deugd’ (The unutterable temptation of collapsing virtue, taken from a line from Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary) is a song off of our second demo '2: De bezwijkende deugd'. Just like the previous demo, the music and lyrics are based on a novel Ruben Wijlacker, a band member, is releasing in early 2019.

The song deals with the seduction of the story's protagonist Pedro by Béatrice Charron: a charming, yet deceitful Parisian woman he meets on a train in Spain. Pedro joins Béatrice and her husband on their journey to Paris, where he has an affair with her. The composition represents Béatrices’ temporary power over Pedro, and more generally, it is written to evoke equally overwhelming sensations of eroticism and fear. 'De onnoemelijke verleidelijkheid...' starts out rather aggressive, much like a predator attacks its prey, but then turns into something rather complex; in that sense, the music is a metaphor for Pedro’s mind. It is a sudden outburst of lust, turning into contemplation, and resulting in a realisation that the object of desire may very well kill the protagonist.

Translated lyrics:

Come, then!
And take him while you can
For tomorrow everything will be gone
At dawn, the essence will be recognised
The eyes will be turned away

Chaos, temporarily released
The face, quickly revealed

The cold bossom
Smothers the fool
And evaporates exotic aromas
Of a last, forgotten love

Reason speaks to the spiritual/the holy/holiness/the spirit:
‘Is this projected madness, or a sudden realisation?’

Tear him apart
And quarter the soul
Under hungry heavens
The entire cosmos desires life

In this dark, purple haze
Elegant curves,
Rolling sheets
And inviting glances
Are the entrance to the labyrinth

Information regarding the novel 'De protodood in zwarte haren':
Information regarding this specific recording:

'2: De bezwijkende deugd' will be released in 2019 on cassette by Tartarus Records from the Netherlands, together with the bands' first demo "1: Gelige, traumatische zielsverrukking".


released December 5, 2018


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